gig – Villa Bombrini – Genova

gig – Villa Bombrini – Genova

Michele Ienco, Director and Organizer – All That Music –  Concert Villa Bombrini (04/08/2018)

.….The original four musicians who alone seem like an orchestra, then a new entry came along: the stunning and lovely Nadia Bredice with a stupendous voice. The famous four are: the beautiful Irish- Stephanie Martin, musical pillar and anchor of the group on fiddle, Giulio Putti on percussion, Lorenzo Del Grande on flutes and Luca Mercurio on guitar and Irish bouzouki. Great musical selection, excellent arrangements 

really talented musicians; with 400 concerts on their shoulders in Italy and throughout Europe it completes the whole picture with endless experiences of great quality. Continue like this and we are at the top. I heard some rumours about possible new entries or collaborations. So where are we heading?

The concert in Genova was perfect, with an enthusiastic audience and acclaimed reviews which has made major press coverage. Last but not least, affectionate and friendly relationships. It’s great to work like this! “ …